Legepladsen Exhibitions:

Unwanted Miracles. One Paved Court, September 2018

Tabula Anatomica. Animal Studios, Bedford. September 2015

Eastern Approaches (group show). January 2015

 Tabula Anatomica  

“Tabula Anatomica is a visual essay on what is involved in the making of art today. It exposes, as in an anatomical dissection, the evolution of layers of images and ideas that go into producing an art-object. Traditionally the focus of consumption is on formalistic, aesthetic devices. Here Richard and Sebastian Lloyd complicate an understanding of what constitutes the aesthetic by foregrounding the complex of processes intrinsic to their art production. They invite the viewer into the artist’s laboratory, the post-modern upgrade of the artist’s studio.

“They begin from the Duchampian position of the readymade, which includes a collection of objects amongst which are two books that provide core images and references: The Egyptian, and Instruments Appliances and Theatre Technique. They use them to evolve a referencing system of preservation, recuperation and attendant reification that they apply to the body of the traditional image under attack from time.

“The layering of appropriated images is both painted and digitally printed on pieces of old, linen backed O.S. maps, cut and sewn to provide the canvas for the images. What we see is an assemblage of visual language. On one side, the repetitions, appropriations and re-siting of images of surgical apparatuses openly present sutured borders as intrinsic to the rectified images they hold together.

“A look at the other side and the patchwork of maps is more than a recycled backing. It is a visual paradigm of how routes to production, whilst they tread established pathways, no longer arrive at prescribed destinations.

“Like Dr. Frankenstein in his laboratory, the Lloyds present us with a newly created body that displays all the recognizable features of the old, but that will not be comfortably accommodated into its aesthetic system. They work collaboratively, they use found objects and non-art images, they foreground the constructed nature of their image, but make the skilled hand of the artist a background feature of production. They show the viewer the creative connection of the disparate. The traditional values of art are all here but they cannot be comfortably accommodated within the traditional frame.”

Dr. Janet Kilcoyne, 2015.

RICHARD LLOYD is a painter who has used vacuum cleaners as both a subject and tool for making painting. In 2010, he co-formed the drawing collaboration Exchange + Draw with Alan Parsons. They have, among other things, been a part of the 2015 Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition and in December 2017 gave a paper at Coventry University on their practice at the Drawing Conversations 2: Body, Space and Place Symposium. Richard Lloyd has an M.A Chelsea School of Art. 1983-4 and a B.A (Hons) Fine Art. 1980-3

SEBASTIAN LLOYD’s practice combines making, film and performance. He is currently working towards a Talk Tour that evidences his engagement with sustainability issues through his art practice. He is an art technician, and has worked for the artists Andy Holden and Chris Dobrowolski. Sebastian has  a B.A (Hons) Fine Art: Print & Time-based Media 2014 – 7.

Both artists currently live and work in Bedford.