Bob Aldous

In the Poetry is the Painting: In Painting Poetry

14 – 26 November 2017

Bob Aldous’ solo show examines the relationship between abstract painting and poetic text. Both mediums rely on the observer to extract meaning.

Events and Artist’s Talks: 
Saturday 18 – 3pm Poetry performance – Diamond Dancer.
Sunday 19 – 3pm Talk and discussion – Abstraction and metaphor.
Saturday 25  –  3pm Poetry performance – Songs of the heart.
Sunday 26 – 3 pm Talk and discussion – Emotion and states of water.

“In the works I use the elements of air and water and am particularly interested in the effect of light on water and illusory space. Images such as the sky reflected on a sunlit stream, the mist laying over an early morning river or the transparency and dynamism of a Welsh waterfall all play their part.”

The paintings are executed of silk using a combination of ink, watercolour, acrylic and drawing. This gives the required delicacy and spontaneity essential for the capture of this elusive subject mater. The space within the works alludes to expansive landscape, however by using abstract language and metaphor this is not an external space but an internal airiness based on metaphor and memory.

Bob Aldous has a  BA from Ravensbourne, and an MA from the University of East Anglia. He lives in Richmond and his studio is in Kew. He has exhibited widely and has been shortlisted for the Sunday Times watercolour competition and the Ashurst Art Prize.