Dusk to Dawn

James Gemmill

29 Nov – 9 Dec 2017

The artist seeks to capture in painting the unexpected and transient beauty of light and shadow at the fleeting moments between night and day.

James Gemmill hails from America but lives in Oxfordshire. His artistic career has been wide-ranging, and he has worked in film (including the well-known The Da Vinci Code, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast), television and design as well as in the more traditional context of gallery artist. This new exhibition, accordingly, draws upon all these contexts and influences. ‘Dusk to Dawn’, a collection using the medium of acrylic on linen, explores the world of twilight, dwelling on the way in which forms are unexpectedly flattened or, conversely, accentuated by the quality of the light. The subject matter is the buildings, bridges, people in urban settings, chosen specially for the contrasting and complementary colours and subtle textures of water, stone and sky. At the meeting of day and night familiar landscapes assume new and unexpected guises.

James studied at University of Utah, Salt Lake City (BA) drawing and painting, University of Boston (MA) drawing and painting, Royal College of Art (Fulbright Scholar) (MFA) drawing and painting. His work is held in collections including: Pirelli, Ionian Securities, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College Hanover, Bank of Boston, Chemical Bank, General Electric Company, IBM, Macdonald’s Corporation, Oak Brook Chicago and Kellogg College, Oxford