Simon + Guillaume Klein: Imagined Bodies, Imagined Spaces

29 Mar – 8 Apr 2018

Curated by Michelle Klein

An exhibition showing two artists, a father and son; Simon Klein works two-dimensionally and figuratively using colour, and paint. Guillaume Klein works three-dimensionally and abstractly with metal, and resin.

Whilst Klein senior makes images of a more personal nature embodied in memories of the figure, and Klein junior uses three-dimensional forms based on the cultural environment and architecture, they have a shared formal language of shape and space.
In the interiors of One Paved Court (with its traces of former use), their figurative paintings and abstract sculptures will foster a sense of movement between architecture and the body, the real and imaginary, space and surface. This ambiguity of language and meaning, of Father and Son, old and new, a meeting point across generations, makes for a dialogue across divergent yet similar journeys.

Simon Klein:

“Some of the figure paintings I class as anti-porn. ‘Bottoms and faces’ the paintings show figures in a searching, and sometimes humorously sensual mood. For each figure I look for the momentary pose, static and moving, a way of being that is caught up in its own meaning and self.  The paintings are worked from memory and drawings. Hand, eye and concept, they are arrived at through process.  By playing with the sensuality of the human figure in imagined spaces and image I explore touch and the visible, through surface and colour relationships, to question my sense of the beautiful.”

Simon Klein has been shortlisted for the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Prize 2018.

Guillaume Klein:

“My sculptural work celebrates the process of making by fusing an understanding of the material through craftsmanship and the freedom to explore and play. It examines the boundaries between space, colour, light and how the viewer’s visual perception analyses these components within a sculptural context. Being trained as a blacksmith has led me to predominately work with metal, however it is the combination of metal and other materials which ignites my fascination for the work.

“This sculptural series explores the manipulation of steel and expresses the plasticity of the material when its forged at plus 1000 degrees Celsius. The forms of my work are often guided by the empty spaces I can create within and around the steel. This is then highlighted with the addition of translucent coloured plastic. The coloured plastic becomes a representation of space and in doing so, questions our preconceived notions of the physical properties of the two materials.”