Thursday 20 September – Saturday 29 September 2018

Artists’ Talk: Saturday 22 September at 2pm.

Unwanted Miracles is a drawing exhibition of food choppers by Legepladsen. Through more than a one-hundred-year history, these devices have been manufactured by a variety of companies from across Europe, America, and Australia, including Zyliss, Popeil Brothers, the Ernest Reich Company, Acme, Pamco, Record, Servite, to name but a few. In England, Prestige developed the Sky-line Miracle chopper. For Legepladsen, these devices are outmoded objects, mostly used once or twice before being deposited at the bottom of the cupboard. They represent objects in a dislocated state.

The chief focus of the father/son alliance has been to work with the gaps and overlaps between traditional drawing and digital printing/painting and ostensibly with the image under attack from time. The drawings begin through a re-working of the motifs found on their packaging and by extracting attributes of the aged commodity. The drawings are both printed and drawn onto distressed OS map covers.

LEGEPLADSEN is a father/son art alliance between Richard and Sebastian Lloyd. Officially formed in 2014, Legepladsen is Danish for ‘the playground’, and refers to the visual arts games and after dinner engagement carried out whilst Sebastian was growing up. Legepladsen are motivated by developing perspectives in understanding the world through the aesthetics of the found and the potency of thing power.