Her body, almost you

Alexandra Charlotte Pullen

7 – 25  June 2023

Music Event: Sunday 18 June at 2.30pm. See info below*.  All welcome. Please email us for numbers.

Meet the Artist/ Talk/Q & A:  Saturday 24 June 2023 at 2.30pm. All welcome, just turn up!

A collection of black ink drawings, tentative paintings, and hybrid photographic works, both very large and very small, exploring identity, health, and sexuality, and striving to draw lines between the ways that pain, desire, thoughts, fears and trauma manifest in the movement of both the mind and the body.

This exhibition brings together seemingly disparate, but ultimately deeply entwined, thoughts, fears, preoccupations, joys, desires, pains, and discoveries of being a woman living in this world today. It has been driven by the perpetual search for kindness, sense, and peace in a place and time that not only exacerbates, but thrives on human physical and mental tensions, confusion, and discomfort in body and soul. Beginning on the ground floor with intensity, detail, and story-telling, drawings and paintings are woven in a visual discourse and speak to each other through their complexity and chaos. As the exhibition continues upwards to the first floor, towards the sky, the sun, the light, these stories and experiences become more abstracted, fragmented, and essential, encouraging in the viewer a moment of gentle listening and to pause. “I hope this collection of work will welcome you with a hand full of light, treat you with kindness, and tenderly challenge your ways of thinking.” Alexandra Pullen.

Alexandra Charlotte Pullen is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice involves a range of media and materials, all of which are linked through her constant and deepest form of expression: drawing. She studied at the Ruskin School of Fine Art (2011 – 2014), and then completed a masters in print at the Royal College of Art (2017 – 2019). Her work is held in the Victoria and Albert print archives, as well as the Ashmolean Museum collection. Previous shows include ‘Trio’, a three-woman exhibition in Oxford, and many group shows. This is her debut solo exhibition. She currently lives and works in London.


*Music event:

A collaborative sound event featuring Island Row, a musical duo comprising flute player Katie MacDonald, and harpist Bianca Watts. A Sunday afternoon of sounds and music to accompany, and converse with the visual surroundings as visitors view the exhibition.