Life Drawing

November 10.2021

Our life drawing classes are in full swing now, with this week’s class focusing on light and shade. Really interesting to see all the varied responses. Thank you to our great teacher @simonklein3 and this week’s model Tim.

We run the sessions in blocks of 5. If you’re interested in joining in the new year, make sure you sign up to our newsletter below and you’ll receive the information.
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Summer Holidays July – August 2021

Our summer programme has now ended and we will be back on Wednesday 8 September 2021 with the first in our series of amazing autumn shows. Thank you to all our brilliant artists and visitors for all your support! We wish you all a happy summer and see you again very soon.

For more information, about our upcoming programme, see Exhibitions and Projects.

Image: watercolour of Paved Court by John Govett


During winter 2021, the third national covid lockdown, we asked the One Paved Court art community – via our Newsletter and social media- to create and share a piece of art inspired by the gallery. (See previous post below)

We received a really interesting and thought-provoking range of work. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was so interesting at a time when every art gallery was closed, to see that people were still thinking about art, and our  gallery and more importantly were still making work!

Have a look at the selection of the work HERE. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Lockdown Art Project:  Jan 2021

As so many of you responded enthusiastically to our previous lockdown projects, we thought you might like another. If every day is Groundhog Day and you think a project could inspire you, please do take part. We will share a selection here.

WHAT? Create a piece of art inspired by One Paved Court. You could explore the architecture, a past show or artist you liked, or a visit you remember. It can be abstract or figurative and if you need inspiration have a look through the website at past shows HERE.  It could be a collage, sketch, painting, 3D model, piece of text…it’s up to you.

WHO? Everyone is invited: artist or amateur, adult or child, solo or household.

WHEN? Take a clear picture of your work and send it as a jpeg to by 15 Feb 2021.

One Paved Court by Roger Fleming-Gale

Art in Lockdown: 26 June 2020

In our June Newsletter, we asked our mailing list to share some images of art they have been making at home during the Covid lockdown and tell us a bit about it.  We received some really thoughtful responses, which we have arranged into 3 pages. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

Click to see the selection:  People | Nature | Isolation

Corona Queue  by David Natas

Art at Home

Lockdown: 20 May 2020

As most of us have been spending so much time at home at the moment, we thought it would be a welcome distraction to think about the artworks we have in our houses.

We asked our mailing list if they would be interested in sharing some images of artworks hanging in their homes and tell us a bit about the work and what it means to them. We got an amazing response, and people told us how much they have enjoyed the project.  We have compiled the results  into a fascinating record of photos and stories about collecting art, which we have split it into 4 sections.

Click to see the selection: Travel | Artists | MoodFriendship 

Argyle Street Project Collage by Bruce McLean

Thinking about buying a painting?

Have you found yourself gazing at a blank space on your wall, wondering what you could hang there? Perhaps you would like a print or a drawing or a 3D piece? Then do get in touch.

Have a look at the past exhibitions and upcoming shows here. Or if you would like to discuss ideas, just email us. We can put you in touch with lots of artists; you could have a virtual studio visit, choose a piece and buy direct from the artist.