Section 2: NATURE

Not surprisingly, many artists turned to nature for their inspiration in lockdown, both using it as their studio and as their subject matter!

“Here are 3 images I took in Richmond Park. I call them, Tree forms in isolation.
They are indeed dead bits of tree but I was struck by how alive they look. They also take on the forms and characters of animals.
When I looked at them again later, I realised that they were indeed a reflection of how I was feeling when I took them. Feeling alive despite the current situation and actually enjoying the stillness everywhere.”
Sisi Burn

Monica Wheeler

My garden concertina sketchbook
“I have spent a lot of time drawing in my garden and on our allotment, two places of sanctuary.”
Peg Morris
“I was meant to be having a solo show opening mid May, but!!
My gallery liked my posts about things I was picking up on my daily exercise in Bushy Park; they decided to put them online..”
Melanie Miller
“I am sending some images of some lockdown drawings I have done:
Ink drawings inspired by noticing the play of light and shadow on empty streets and paths at the beginning of lockdown
and some drawings from a couple of little plants that live in my studio.
This week I made good use of the hot weather with some papermaking from fragments of prints and paper shreds.”
Ute Haring
“In response to your newsletter, I thought I would send you a few watercolour sketches I did whilst contemplating the simple pleasures of life and could not access my studio during lockdown. “
Christian Gastaldello
“I have been in isolation for over 2 months now and my art has kept me sane.  I have spent a lot of time in my garden and enjoy the occasional bout of exercise on my bike down by the riverside.
I painted the following: Laburnum trees from my garden, acrylic on canvas. Lilac flowers from my little potted lilac tree in my garden.  You can also see them in the right bottom corner of the Laburnum painting.
I am currently working on a huge canvas and intend to paint every tree and flower in my garden, as a reminder that, in this sad time, there was joy and beauty.”
Lesley Sherrington

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