Lockdown Art Project

Winter 2021

We invited our art community to create some art inspired by One Paved Court and share it with us.  We received some really thought-provoking responses, a few of which are shown below:
Woven Painting 1 (Wattle and Daub) and Woven Painting 2 by Frances Kiernan
Sumi ink and watercolour on Fabriano 5
Paper weaving
“This work is about ‘the fabric of a building’.  I’m going to develop the idea –  so thanks to your Lockdown Art Project I have had a good reason to think – and a way to respond to One Paved Court with my paper weaving!” Frances Kiernan

Concertina Sketchbook and mixed media drawing of One Paved Court by Peg Morris

” I began the concertina sketchbook during my show at One Paved Court and completed it at home.  The drawing is a mixed media piece, I have worked on during lockdown. Both are on pre-painted/collaged paper.” Peg Morris

art collage

Theatre of the Thames, collage by Dee Walker

“The collage takes its inspiration from the marks of Hanna ten Doornkaat, the gallery wall textures and tones, and walks along the Thames around the corner.  I have used some pigments collected from the edges of the river and water from the river itself collected from near the gallery at the end of Friars Lane.” Dee Walker

One Paved Court

Poetics of a disjointed space by Hanna ten Doornkaat

“In early 2019 I was invited to show in a group exhibition called ‘Out of Place’ at One Paved Court. The exhibiting artists were asked to directly respond to the gallery’s location, architecture, history or its current role which was very exciting and offered lots of inspiration.

The Georgian building served as a space to surgical appliance manufacturing, a bird shop, a carpet shop and eventually after its extensive transformation became a beautiful contemporary art gallery.

The photographs of the building prior to its the extensive restoration works showed walls with thick layers of plaster which had to be stripped to eventually reveal its current beauty in the upstairs gallery space. Inspired by these photos I decided to create a layered installation of works in keeping with my general process of layering and thus combining both memories of the past and the present.” Hanna ten Doornkaat

watercolour of a window cleaner

Window Cleaner at One Paved Court in 2019, Alison Lumb.

“This is a watercolour sketch, inspired by a photo taken while visiting the gallery with Deborah Burnstone in August 2019, in the run up to our exhibition there.” Alison Lumb

Untitled (4 legs) 2019  by Rachel Pearcey

“The inspiration was a combination of the black plywood chair silhouettes that went into the window of One Paved court when we did our joint show, and your metal shutters. I also painted the whole background of the work a dusty pink,  a direct reference to the wonderful distressed walls, but after looking at it for a day or two I took the canvas into the bathroom, held my breath and scrubbed it all off under the shower. The back of the canvas, where the stitching is, I painted black and this gives it that gentle greyness, which has also randomly bled through the needle holes.” Rachel Pearcey

Public Exhibition for Half a Minute by Leen Kay

An ongoing series exploring ways around creative expression under restrictions. Using limited resources and tools at hand, Leen creates visual recordings of lockdown frustrations, then takes them outside in her walks for few minutes of public exposure, documented by a photograph.
“It really matters to artists that their work is seen. My project is exploring this particular notion and juxtaposing an artist’s dreams with realities. With museums and galleries closed, One Paved Court’s window exhibitions address the same idea through a curator’s perspective.”  Leen Kay
semi abstract acrylic painting of a rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Jillian McLaren

“The reassuring presence of layers of past times visible through colour and texture on the walls of One Paved Court were very much my inspiration for ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, giving feelings of hope and optimism for the future.”

During Peg Morris’s inspiring exhibition, ‘Light Space Time’, I was fortunate to be able to work in the gallery, in the company of fellow artists. Later, in my studio, whilst exploring my ideas and memory of the walls of the gallery, with its random layers and textures of previous occupations, I worked intuitively with layers and textures on my canvas, conscious of a remembered feeling of optimistic hope – this was before the next lockdown happened! Hence the title, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. ” Jillian McLaren
Blueprint artwork

‘Blueprint’ by Louise Severyn-Kosinska

“For me One Paved Court is a blueprint of a map, of a plan, of an idea. The tracks of journeys, charting visits, tracing our conversations and the changes made over the past year in lockdown.” Louise Severyn-Kosinska

abstract geometric print in brown yellow and teal
Quadrants & Stripes by Gill Smith
original digital print on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag
“Like Richard Peacock whose screenprints were features in your Inside Out Summer window, my work is based on pure abstraction, using building blocks of colour, shape & pattern.
During the first lockdown period I produced a set of papercuts based around the concept of three-dimensional cubes, representing the confinement of life in lockdown. In this recent period I have been reworking some existing prints (Groundhog Day?) to produce a new series of six for an artist book. Quadrants & Stripes is one of the set.” Gill Smith

We received so many lovely responses, that we couldn’t share them all, but here is a round up of the best of the rest: Scroll through them to see the artists.