Section 1: PEOPLE

Several artists sent us artwork about people – observed or imagined; missed or celebrated – that they have made during lockdown.

Corona Queue – lino cuts printed on a pasta machine. This adds to a
series of 7 pre-lockdown lino cuts, to a larger scale that I made.
Perhaps there are more queues waiting?”
David Natas

“I work with textiles and stitch most of the time. This is my Thank You banner, and a reflection of what we quickly realised we were very lucky to have around us and some of the things that have been going on in our home.”
Michelle Dendy

“I took a series of self portraits at the start of lockdown as I adjusted to not having any subjects to photograph, and spending hours on my own each day whilst trying to stay sane.

“As an extrovert that seeks the company of others for reassurance and feedback, the experience of lockdown has led to a lot of introspection, whether wanted or not, and reflecting on life on both a micro and macro scale. There have been moments of darkness and moments of clarity in the face of it all.
In turning the lens to myself I aimed to express this thought provoking and, at times, gruelling experience. “
Sarah Klein

“A series of work documenting my life in quarantine, starting at the beginning of the lockdown in the UK on 23rd of March – until today and ongoing. Triggered by isolating alone and spending a lot of time in my house with only my dog as my companion and without accesses to my studio, these works reflect on notions of loneliness, fear, curiosity and self healing. They are an image diary of self observation and self examination during this unusual time of a pandemic.”

Noga Shatz

‘We all Wobble’ video stills

“I have been making this piece which was originally conceived to go into one of the fireplaces in the gallery, burnt houses which were to be piled as if logs in a fire.
In lockdown it seems that each member of the family takes it in turns to have a bad day when the lockdown gets to you. I was thinking about a 1970’s toy called ‘Weebles’, little characters on spherical bases which wobbled but never fell over. The catchphrase for the advert was ‘Webbles wobble but they don’t fall down’ . I was thinking this is a bit like all of us now. We may be a diminutive of our former selves but we are not going down.”
Kathryn Ross

” I painted 4 sets of Paintings of NHS workers working with Covid patients #portraitsofnhsheroes”
Jo Lynn

“I have painted my pregnant daughter who had a baby boy on 27 March just as lockdown began and also nearly finished my daughter in law due yesterday, so maybe having to face Birth without her partner there. Strange times.”
Jo Lynn

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