Section 3: Mood and Memory

Some people described feelings the work they photographed gave them. They sometimes described happy memories, or just the enjoyment of having the work.

‘ Aquarelas Submersas’ (Submerged Watercolours) from a series by Fernanda Junqueira purchased from the Terra-Arte Gallery.
“We love this watercolour which has two sides. We decided to frame it in a ‘glass box’ so that we could enjoy both sides of the work and we hung it from the ceiling.”
M.W. & P.C.

“For me artwork doesn’t always need to be the primary focus in a room.  I also like the way it can be in the background, something seen in passing and not always noticed.   This 50s graphic piece works in this way.  It has no name or title and was acquired in a closing down sale at a local gallery. (The red chair is a 1970s OMK-Stak).”

“This painting of Hyde Park Corner is by Arthur Ewart, and D and I love it because it reminds us of our childhoods in London in the 1950s. The photo also shows two small bronze sculptures by Marian Fountain.

Untitled by Gina Burdass c.1990 68 x 57cm Limited Edition screen print

“Second piece of art I ever bought, the first was a mistake. In my memory this came from a Space Studio in Kennington or Vauxhall, Gina Burdass was working as an assistant to Bridget Riley and her studio was full of pale stripe paintings. I can’t find any reference to this so possibly entirely fabricated.

Anyhow, I love the satisfying simplicity of the print. With it books by Douglas Bevans and a little oil portrait, no name no artist.”

“This is a charcoal drawing by Katie Sollohub made in 2016 when she was artist in residence at Turner’s House during the refurbishment. I saw her solo show at Orleans House Gallery and my eye was drawn to the bag of Travis Perkins plaster!”

Lee Remick and Steve McQueen, 1963, during the filming of Baby the Rain Must Fall.  Photograph by William Claxton

William Claxton (1927-2008) was a US photographer most noted for his work with jazz musicians, such as Chet Baker.  He also worked with Steve McQueen. This photograph is in my workroom and I find the composition, the pensive/reflective mood, as well as the quality of the silver gelatin print, calming and conducive to thinking.
The houses are by Rowena Brown The painting to the right of the houses is by a local artist Cecily Tucker, of the Seven Sisters cliffs in Sussex.”

“This is one of my own screen prints, Meconopsis, that derives from photos taken at Glamis Castle in the Cairngorms.
It reminds me of days spent roaming freely in landscape which seems now such a remote possibility.”
Deborah Churchill
“These two paintings are by Consuelo Carneiro da Cunha. The artist was my great aunt.
These works are very special to me because they were done in 1913 by my great aunt; they are oil on wood; the second one shows the Municipal Hospital in Florianópolis, which still standing.”
“This is a digital collage by Barbara Nati. Its part of a series called “NO FAREWELL ONLY ENDLESS GOODBYES“. Its printed onto kodak metallic film. We bought it from Barbara when she had an exhibition at the Mall Galleries. She was exhibiting with our friend Emily  Allchurch, also an amazing digital collage artist.
Barbara’s works are very much dystopian visions of the future. We loved this particular work for this reason and for its urban context . Is quite difficult to photograph as its quite deliberately dark and foreboding.”
R. & C. A.

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