Section 2: ARTISTS

Several artists responded to the call for Art at Home, by choosing work that they had bought from artists they know, or from shows at which they were exhibiting. One or two sent images of their own work hanging at home. (We have credited the artist unless we have been asked not to.)

“This is my favourite view every time I enter my bathroom. I never tire of Swiss /Berlin based artist Gabriele Herzog’s work. I have another work of hers and feel equally strong about it. I cannot explain what it is about her work but it is probably the simplicity of it and yet it makes me look again and again.”

“Apparently, this stone carving began life as a concept of Neptune rising from the waves, in the evening class where it was birthed (by the author). It took on its own life, however, and I refer to it privately as the Flying Pubis – it feels lovely to touch, though stone is so cold !!”
“This is a massive painting which I bought from Maria Wolfram at her degree show (we were students together)  – she is now a  rather successful painter albeit in a diff style:
I love the fact I kept popping by as she was painting it – seeing all the layers build up… and the fact that it constantly shifts in and out of focus.  Took a huge van to get it here… I decorated my breakfast room around the painting!”

“We live in the North of Scotland but drop by when in Richmond while visiting our son and family in Hounslow.
It was quite a thought to decide what to send since it sent a scurry of searching around what I have gathered up over the years , varying I must say in quality and ” value”.
I chose this corner with a small John Bellany watercolour ( I used to exhibit with John in the early seventies before fame, his that is) and a large monotype by Adrian Wiszniewski, one of the so called New Glasgow Boys.”

“I have attached a photo with my own collage piece. It is called ‘ Cup I ‘ and is part of a series of paper and frottage works that I did last year.”
Tahira Mandarino

Untitled Study for Fire in The Landscape series, Simon Page c1995, 61 x 86 cm, acrylic on paper

“Given to me by the artist after I persuaded someone to buy a couple of the large canvases for a restaurant, which no longer exists. Wonder where the paintings are now, and why I didn’t buy one at the time?”

“Here is a shot from our kitchen of wirework artist Helaina Sharpley‘s wire sculptures ‘Cups and Hooks’. I was exhibiting alongside Helaina at an art fair some years ago and the minute I sold a print I rushed round to buy this from her.I love the playful way it engages the viewer, hovering between a drawing and a three dimensional object. Friends and visitors always enjoy it, so it seems like a good one to share at the moment.”

“This is a pastel drawing I did in 2017 to promote an exhibition of some of my students work in Croydon. The previous year I had seen the Monet exhibition at the RA and as a result decided to go to Paris and visit Monet’s garden in Giverny. It was a wonderful experience.
It was said that he made his garden his studio and he created some beautiful  paintings from nature.
This recent hot sunny weather has once again focussed my attention to look at garden flowers in bloom and trees in blossom.”
Stewart Ganley Artist

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