Amy Gillies & Chloe Hurst

Artists in Residence 6 Jan – 1 March 2020 

Launch:  Thurs 16 Jan, 6 – 8.30 pm

Collage Workshop: Mon 20 Jan, 2 – 4pm. Drop-in, all welcome. (Details below**)

We are pleased to announce Amy Gillies and Chloe Hurst as our first ever artists in residence.  Recent graduates from the MFA Fine Art and MA Art & Space programmes at Kingston School of Art, Amy and Chloe will be transforming the gallery into their studio for 6 weeks, into which they will welcome visitors to drop in and get involved with the project.
“We really want the project to be a collaboration not just between us two, but the local community as well.” 

The project seeks to draw out forgotten histories and narratives of Richmond’s history; focusing on historiography and data. uncovering the stories of the local area and One Paved Court itself, as well as the personal histories of their – and our – own ancestry. This project will be an exploration of various materials and processes, resulting in an exhibition including an installation and performance.

The artists are undertaking a research and art project, which explores the contemporary relevance of mapping, and ask several key questions: What role does mapping play in current day society? What is being mapped and why? How do we translate/transfer/access information and how significant are these processes to the political climate of the 21st century?

Amy and Chloe will transform the gallery space into a studio  for the first 6 weeks of the residency followed by a 2 week exhibition.  The public are invited to come in and get involved with various aspects of their project, through walking tours, workshops, interactive mapping, podcasts, talks, and performative aspects.

How to get involved

Virtual Map: Visitors can take part in a virtual map, accessible in the gallery throughout the project. Visitors will plot the answers to a number of questions relating to Richmond and their family history.  The artists will use this information to create a visual map of Richmond’s history.  The artists would like to use this opportunity to not only create a visual map of Richmond’s history, but to also participate in a variety of discussions about the subject matter of the project with the community.

** Drop-in Collage Workshop
Using local images and source material, participants will help Amy and Chloe create a large scale collaborative collage of the area. Please bring local newspapers and magazines, photocopies of family photographs, local scenes and images of residents past and present. No art skills necessary.

Please note our opening hours will vary during the residency.
For more information inc. opening times, and to follow the project, please view the artists social media platforms: