Promised Moments

Daniel Freaker

28 Sept – 16 Oct 2022*

Artist’s talk & workshop: Sat 1 Oct 3 – 5pm. All welcome.

Visions of moments in life that we were promised: a solo exhibition of paintings that respond to films that have entered the collective consciousness.

Like shared memories, there is a point where films feel so familiar we might almost have lived them. In many ways they have shaped our lives as we hope to live them. These are moments in life that feel like we have all been promised. They feel familiar, resonant and important, yet intangible and ephemeral. They feel like a promise, because there is that expectation of experiences that will make sense of our trajectories. Promised, because they make life worthwhile and are part of a human condition, without which our lives feel poorer. Yet, the promise is just that, something to search for, something on the horizon. Films by directors like Terence Mallick and David Lynch have the ability to feel real with their shimmering light, but paintings too can feel alive and part of our shared stories.

“The scenes he creates in his paintings are reminiscent of emotional films that have collectively inspired us and made us think about our own lives, what we have experienced and loved and lost.”

Andrew Churchill, Sussex Observer

Daniel Freaker lives and works in Portsmouth, U.K. He received his MFA from the Slade School of Art in London in 2000, where he explored the painterly qualities of print, video, film and photography and his paintings are reminiscent of film scenes and fragments of a broader narrative. Since studying, his work has evolved through practicing as an artist and lecturing across art, design and media. He has exhibited regularly including frequent group shows and solo shows at Oxmarket Contemporary in Chichester and Noon Powell gallery in London.


*Please note the gallery will be open by appointment only from 12-16 October.