Alex Wilmott

Don’t look at me I’m shy

4 -13 October 2018.

Q&A: Saturday 13 October, 12 noon.

The self-portrait artist, Alex Wilmott, continues her exploration of identity with a collection of works dedicated to her evolving relationship with physical intimacy.

“My work is unashamedly autobiographical and is particularly concerned with my experience of depression and the questioning of self that accompanies it. I take moments, memories and emotions and explore them through varied media including photography, video, text, sculpture and sound.

“I see my work as a way of reconciling contradictory feelings into a world that otherwise wouldn’t hold a place for them and the most effective way for this to be expressed, for me, is through self-portraiture. By being both the subject and the chronicler I am able to sink deep into what I am expressing yet also have the opportunity to observe and analyse.

“This body of work is part of a quest to understand reluctant elements of my sexuality and my relationship with physical intimacy.”

Alex Wilmott

Alex Wilmott has a BA in Sculpture from Camberwell College of Art & Design, and an MA in Production Design for Film and Television from Kingston University