A print is for Life

1 – 19 Dec 2021

Printmakers Richard Peacock and Peg Morris, in collaboration with One Paved Court, curate an exciting and diverse exhibition of original printmaking.

Featuring a selection of work from some of the best established and emerging artists who work in print, this show will include a range of traditional and experimental printmaking techniques.

PEG MORRIS’ etchings focus on significant forms, colours, textures and patterns in natural and urban landscapes.  A common thread linking much of her art is decay and abandonment. Inspiration comes from a weather-beaten tree stump, a track worn into the landscape by generations of feet, the erosion of landscapes or crumbling stonework on a building. The process of etching lends itself to representing these themes as the plate is itself eroded by the acid, scraped and polished, scratched and sometimes cut into fragments.   


RICHARD PEACOCK brings together abstract and Pop Art elements in his work. He uses cardboard packaging from objects, for instance, light bulbs as stencils for screen prints and weathered cable drums for woodcuts. He appreciates the beauty of imperfections and misalignments by exploring geometry, patterns and colour in his work.