Hanna ten Doornkaat

In the Zero of Form

6 – 16 June 2018

Saturday 16 June at 2.30 pm Hanna ten Doornkaat  in conversation with fellow artist Annamarie Dzendrwoskyj.  

Mixed media artist Hanna ten Doornkaat uses the gallery as a canvas to revisit and deconstruct Malevich’s ideas behind the Black Square in some of her works.

Hanna ten Doornkaat’s work is an exploration of the possibilities of abstract line drawings and an examination of the relationship between seeing, perception and understanding what is seen or unseen. More recently she has also started to explore the interrelationship, transition and break between drawing, painting and its expansion into space and sculpture.

The repetition of lines and grids as a compositional format are a constant throughout ten Doornkaat’s work and the subject of continuous renewal and reinvention.The process of the work is often secondary to the concept which questions conventional representation. Rather than isolating individual works they often become part of constructions in a space where each work relates or emerges from the other. By trying to overcome boundaries, the ‘between space’ , the work is at once drawing, painting, sculpture and installation.

German artist Hanna ten Doornkaat lives and works in London. In 2002 she completed an MA (Sculpture) from Wimbledon School of Art and BA (Sculpture) Kingston University in 1997.
She has since exhibited widely both in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Australia.
In 2015 her work was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, London. In 2016 she exhibited in Berlin, Germany, had a solo show in BBK Galerie Oldenburg, Germany and was shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition and Derwent Art Prize. In 2017 she was shortlisted again for the RA Summer Exhibition, the ING Discerning Eye. She has also curated numerous group exhibitions.