Hannah Marshall

6 – 17 Feb 2019

Meet the artist: Sunday 10 Feb 1pm

Text, Video and Sound installation

QUIET is a solo show from British artist and creative director Hannah Marshall about the power of quiet and human connection in our disconnected world, through her signature aesthetic of black and light.

A quiet force that cuts through the noise, Marshall employs minimalism as a visceral agent to distill and connect with raw human emotion. Through her multidisciplinary practice, Marshall explores the intersection between music and immersive experiences. Music is a transformative power with the potential to impact individuals collectively and to provide a human connection in our increasingly disconnected world.

Setting up her company Quiet Noise in 2003, backed by the NESTA entrepreneurial programme, Hannah began the journey of her multidisciplinary practice, initially as an award-winning designer creating clothing for iconic music artists. In 2014 after 10 years of working primarily with the physical body, Hannah transitioned into Creative Direction to extend her curatorship from the performer to the performance, where she continues to work with music artists to visualize their sound through video and the curation of live experiences.

“Hannah’s Instagram is an art project in itself – the kind of thing you’d happily walk around a gallery to observe – groupings of three works; text, a short piece of film, and a photograph. Never not in black and white, the three complement and narrate each other” I-D 

Hannah has a First Class BA in Art and Design (2003), and lives and works in London.  She is currently on an artist residency at Re:Centre in London.