Seeing Sense

Judith North and Kate Proudman

4 – 22 March 2020

Meet the Artists: Saturday 14 March 2pm, all welcome.

Seeing Sense introduces a new series of oil paintings and sketches which explore the place of perspective in contemporary painting. In the work, perspective is seen as a metaphor and symbol for how we place ourselves and the viewer in the painting.

Judith North’s paintings often explore interior and exterior spaces. These spaces, rooted in the real world, are constructed from observation and memory. Her paintings move towards abstraction, as she rejects and conceals linear perspective, achieving depth without line or vanishing point. Her paintings instead use surface, texture and an application of many fine layers of paint and the play of light on matt and reflective surfaces to achieve depth.

Originally an architect, creating space is an instinctive part of her practice; Kate Proudman often works from written text – descriptions of architectural space and landscape – to create her work. The subversion of the perspective within the work is increasingly about the expression of a fractured viewpoint, the unknown position of the writer and the unknown qualities of the space.

Judith North studied Art History and Mathematics at London University, and Kate Proudman Studied Architecture at Bristol and Edinburgh Universities  before they meet while studying for BAs in Fine Art at the Cass in East London.
They both live in West London and work in the studio at One Paved Court.