Richard Peacock: Summer Window

We are pleased to present a display of the work of Richard Peacock in our window for the summer holidays.

22 July – 12 Aug 2019

Richard Peacock is a North London based printmaker whose work combines elements of pop art and geometric abstraction. His screen prints and woodcuts use colour, repetition and imperfection in their compositions. His hope is that the various elements he uses can feel as compelling for others as they do for him.

His website quotes Bridget Riley on abstraction:

“these elements – squares, circles, triangles, contrasts, harmonies etc. – could express something when they were released from the burden of having to serve as agents of other meanings.”

His frequent use of commercial packaging, recycled wood and expressive titles in his prints tempers the abstraction in his work and roots it in the modern world we all share. In even the most abstract of compositions we look for the familiar: a face or a building or machine, a landscape or an animal.

Contact Richard Peacock:

Tel. 0779 614 1965