The Sounds that Paintings Make

Sandra Beccarelli

14 Apr – 2 May 2021

Private View: Thurs. 15 April 2021, 17:30 – 20:30.  Strictly by Appointment only. Book HERE.

Artists Talk: Sat. 24 April at 2pm. Free event via Zoom. Email gallery for link.

A solo show of experimental and expressive abstract paintings by Sandra Beccarelli, together with new soundscapes by composer Daniel Birch.

The Sounds that Paintings make brings together a selection of work both past and present which in one way or another share some properties with ‘sound’. As an abstract visual artist, Sandra Beccarelli is consciously aware of terminology such as ’tone’, ‘rhythm’, ‘movement’, ‘vibration’, ‘intensity’ etc. Much of the words used to describe aural noises and music share this descriptive language with the visual arts. Sandra’s paintings and drawings also share a connection with the formal layout of musical score and often starts with a linear, or grid-like system to place her own visual notations on. Some of her works have been created to music, some of her paintings have inspired soundscape compositions by sound artist Daniel Birch and her Disrupted Musical Score rippled through with pins was translated and sung by Plainchant cantor, Father Peter Burns.

In addition, Sandra has collaborated with poet Agnieszka Studzinska to produce a series of Disrupted Etchings and Disrupted Text which contain thoughts and descriptions of the physical processes within each of their creative fields. Agnieszka speaks of “sentences hanging in mid-air”, of absence and presence, while the audience listen to the pace and rhythm of the poet’s voice.

Sandra Beccarelli is a London-based abstract painter whose works have been selected and hung at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, ING Discerning Eye and The Griffin Art Prize. She studied at Wimbledon School of Art, Foundation (1987-1988), Bristol Polytechnic Fine Art B.A (1988-1991), Accademia Belle Arte, Ravenna (1990).

Since gaining her Postgraduate Diploma in Painting from City and Guilds of London Art School in 2010, Sandra has worked rigorously, participating in numerous mixed and solo shows, most recently Feeling for Murmuration at APT Gallery, Creekside, London, Dec 2020 curated by Jillian Knipe; Beating Time – a Conversation between Painting and Poetry at Cambridge University’s A.R.B building in Jan 2020 with Miranda Boulton, Alison Critchlow & Una D’aragona;  The Immaculate Dream at Collyer Bristow, London 2019, curated by Rosalind Davies; and  Mapping the Human Brain at The Old Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, 2018.

The Sounds that Paintings Make is Sandra Beccarelli’s second solo show at One Paved Court, following the success of “Restless States” in 2019.

Daniel Birch is an electronic musician and sound artist to an eclectic mix of artistic mediums, such as film, art installations, podcasts and adverts.  He also releases a large proportion of his music under Creative Commons Licenses.
Daniel has created a new collection of atmospheric soundscapes directly inspired by the experimental and expressive nature of Sandra Beccarelli’s abstract paintings. By using a restricted frame of a few elements including manipulation and experimentation of sound, tone, and process using cassette loops, he aims to capture a stronger sense of emotion and rawness within the work.

Other Guests: 

Father Peter Burns, Benedictine Monk of Ealing Abbey is director and first cantor of Ealing Abbey Lay Plainchant Choir.  He has translated Sandra Beccarelli’s “Disrupted Musical Score”, by singing and recording the Gregorian chant as it appeared after Sandra’s rippling through with pins.  The sounds emerge and disappear from the surrounding silence.

Agnieszka Studzinska, a contemporary poet and teacher at the Poetry School in London collaborated with Sandra for Beating Time at Cambridge University’s ARB building in January of 2020.  The exhibition which was seen as a “conversation between painting and poetry” drew these two disciplines together and for Sandra and Agnieszka resulted in a combination of altered texts, etchings and poetry.  The resulting piece written by Agnieszka drew on the process of creativity and thoughts of the artist while making the work. In this way the paintings “speak” through the voice of the poet.