A Trace of Space

Ute Haring

22 June – 12 July 2021

Artists workshop/talks: Dates TBC

The central theme of the exhibition is the transformation of architectural spaces and urban structures; exploring ideas of memory and place and our own identities connected with the physical space in which we live.

In A Trace of Space, Ute Haring presents a series of steel etchings including printing plates. The impetus for the work were numerous photographs taken in Leipzig – where the artist grew up – New York, Austerlitz and London. Often the shape of space between the buildings is etched into steel plates to capture a particular spatial situation almost like a fossil. The space appears as a solid dark shape in the prints. The prints and plates are presented in the form of an installation and make up a ‘map’ of reference points of the identity of an area and the artist’s own identity involved with it.