White Noise Projects

May – Sept 2024

A Series of Exhibitions curated by Hanna ten Doornkaat and Buffy Kimm

Particle Zoo: 1 – 31 May

A residency and exhibition by Sandra Beccarelli.

Both gallery and studio will be open to visitors enabling them to see how a multitude of ideas can co-exist and inform the “finished” pieces. Sketches, half painted canvases, sewn metal grids, written notes and symbols are some of the elements which will be visible within Sandra’s Zoo.

Meditations and Repetitions: 4 – 16 June

A joint exhibition by Buffy Kimm & Doris Ernst

Contemporary paintings, mixed media and paper works that express the meditative and repetitive method of their creation.

Possible Impossibilities: 18 – 30 June

A collaborative exhibition of mixed media artist Hanna ten Doornkaat and Dutch photographer Shiba Huizer.

While their artistic styles diverge significantly, their collaboration illustrates the aphorism ‘opposites attract’.  The exhibition echoes Aristotle’s belief in the probability of impossibilities by emphasising the allure and by embracing the concept of likely impossibilities over improbable possibilities.

Chromatic Journey: 18 – 30 June

A solo exhibition by Jennifer Talbot

Taking inspiration from the history of art, from the energy and intuitive process of action painting to the pictorial depth and resistance to boundaries of baroque painting, Jennifer also recruits colour, from the pastel tones of mannerist paintings to the fluorescent manmade pigments of contemporary art.

Recollect: 2 – 14 July

Solo exhibitions by Anna Bingham & Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

A dialogue between contemporary ceramics and paintings, ethereal visions of the world around us.

A Life of Seas and Oceans: 16 – 28 July

A solo exhibition by Liz Gilbert

Ephemeral works, abstracted perceptions of the sea, on different papers in different mediums, print and oil paint, photographs and film.

Traces: 2 – 8 September

Solo exhibitions by Loraine Monk and Rachel Pearcey

Woodcuts by Loraine Monk that send a social and political message.  Stitched and woven textiles by Rachel Pearcey

Spectrum: 10 – 15 September

An epilogue in collaboration with Artist Support Pledge founder, Matthew Burrows and other invited artists including Paul Furneaux, Tom Cartmill, Kate Boucher, amongst others.