Out of Place

Group Show

24 Jan – 2 Feb 2019

Participating Artists: Simon Darbey, Hanna ten Doornkaat, Judith North, Kate Proudman, Robinson & McMahon, Paul Smith and Charmaine Stimson

A site-specific group show about One Paved Court. Each artist has made work influenced by One Paved Court- the building, its location, its history or the gallery itself.

Simon Darbey studied art at Chelsea. He combines text and everyday objects – paper bags, envelopes, wallpaper etc – to create work that is both art and not art at the same time.

Hanna ten Doornkaat often uses drawings as a starting point for her 3D pieces and has made a new two-part piece for the show for one of the corner spaces in the upstairs gallery. The lines in the works reference space, perspective and focal point.

Judith North’s paintings often explore interior and exterior spaces. These spaces, rooted in the real world, are constructed from observation and memory. Her painting process, involving the application and removal of successive layers of paint, is in itself part of her search to find equilibrium between the real and the imagined. She is attracted to the geometry in a subject and she uses colour and composition to help create a sense of atmosphere.

Kate Proudman makes work in response to architectural elements or spaces. In ‘Out of Place’,  she explores the process of change which the building has undergone,  specifically the recent renovation, and what we chose to reveal or conceal.   In her ‘Imagined Realities’ paintings, Kate composes imagined spaces from pieces of writing. Here, she asks what is through the blocked archway.

Robinson & McMahon is a collaboration of two artists with completely different painting methods who work on the same canvas. The paintings evoke a sense of place and demonstrate how their distinctly different methods combine, resulting in images that have a dissonant harmony – resolved differences of opinion, a playful discussion, or even a full-blown argument. A finished work exists as a result of all marks made by both artists, whether they are still seen, have been obliterated or have just left a trace. Jason Robinson & Helen McMahon began collaborating whilst at The Cass School of Art in 2011, and have continued arguing and making paintings together ever since.

Paul Smith is an artist based in South West London. After initially specializing in photography at UCA, Farnham College of Art, he turned to studio practice as a painter in 2009. His current body of work, ‘Under Cultivation’, builds on his documentary training in a series that explores the repurposing of man-made materials in allotments and edgelands.  The distance between photograph and painting is one means by which Smith denotes his own transformation of these peripheral sites.  Paul was recently part of the touring Contemporary British Painting Prize, and last year he exhibited at One Paved Court in a 2-person show ‘Field Notes: Painting the Anthropocene’.

Charmaine Stimson is a London based artist. She uses a range of media, with a particular emphasis on drawing in many forms. She has recently gone back to basics and is currently exploring the quality of the drawn line. Charmaine also works with Judith North and together they create mixed media work based on the issues surrounding collaboration itself.