Horizon Reverie: Beyond the (H)Edge :


Anna Tewungwa:

Anna Tewungwa (b.2001, London) is based in Glasgow as a current student of the Glasgow School of Art. She has previously studied at Kingston School of Art in London, completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and a Diploma of Higher Education in Illustration Animation, as well as completing part of her current degree at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, USA.

She describes her work as an exploration of the latent energy contained within line, pattern and colour relationships, as it appears in the every day urban environments she inhabits, as well as the connections between desire, femininity and commerce. Her work has been displayed within all of the above institutions as well as in galleries including Bankside Gallery, London, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York.

Anna Tewungwa social media: https://www.instagram.com/tewungwa/

Crystal Ma 

Crystal Ma holds a bachelors degree in Studio Art and Biology from Williams College (2017-2021) and a masters degree in Traditional Arts from the Princes School of Traditional Arts (2021-2023). She spent a year of her bachelors studying at the Ruskin School of Art and exhibited ceramic work at Le 6b in France. At Williams, she received the Frederick M. Peyser Prize in Painting (2021). At the School of Traditional Arts, Crystal received the Ciclitira prize for outstanding work (2023). Crystal is currently a Thomas J. Watson Fellow (2023-2024). She is using the grant to study communal sound praxis in different community-oriented sound making environments and cultures. These range from Greek Orthodox chanting and bell ringing in Christian Europe to Hindustani and Carnatic music in India to Buddhist temple music in Western China.

She is also interested in the ways which the ornamental, visual, and architectural aspects of space relate to and dialogue with the particular sounds that emerge. She undertakes work placements at Barley Stained Glass Studios and studies Ragamala painting under the tutorage of Manish Soni in hopes of exploring these connections in different contexts.

Crystal Ma social media: https://www.instagram.com/djjfuxx/

Harrison Cawley 

Harrison Cawley is a London-based mixed-media artist working in Deptford. Having graduated in BA (Hons) fine art from UoL Goldsmiths, his works are held in private collections throughout the UK and he has exhibited in a number of galleries across London.

He uses the power of binary outcome in relation to chance and probability to represent opacity and gradient to create his abstract compositions. The reduction of resolution allows for a deconstruction of delicate and subtle subjects through a series of thousands of definitive, probability-driven, decisions. No one pixel is correctly or incorrectly ‘on’ or ‘off’, yet the net effect allows the outcome to illustrate something much greater than the sum of its parts. To counteract the intimidating blank canvas, Harrison employs the framework of a grid to aid the process of understanding and representation. This analytical and time-intensive abstraction leads to a form of purism in removing the whims of desire by committing to a set of rules and a generative process of art making.

Harrison Cawley, social media: https://www.instagram.com/htrc.work/

Nina Parsons 

Nina Parsons studied fine art at Goldsmiths University, and after graduating in 2022, continued to make work from her home in Surrey. Parsons is currently a resident artist at Open 205, an artist-run studio/gallery space in Deptford, South East London.

In her work, Nina explores and exaggerates the formal elements of art, shape, colour, and composition, through the materiality of paint. Using domestic scenes and objects as a source of inspiration, she selects shapes from a flattened perspective, reimagining their form as ‘untamed suggestions of their original shape’. Informed by Matisse and the Fauvist movement, Parsons enjoys painting with a heightened awareness of colour, using bold colour choice to create a sense of warmth, nostalgia and playfulness. In doing so, she aims to evoke the child-like wonder and innocence of viewing one’s surroundings with fresh, curious eyes.

Nina Parsons, social media: @n33n4p, website: https://n33n4p.com

Saskia Portman

Saskia Portman is a London based artists (b.2001), working in Bermondsey. Saskia studied Fine Art foundation at Kingston School of Art, and graduated BA in Fine Art, at UoL Goldsmiths, in 2023. Though-out her time at Goldsmiths Saskia curated a dozen group exhibitions in New Cross, London. Giving people studying around the UK access to a gallery space, and the opportunity to exhibit their artworks to the public.

Influenced by commonly dishonoured forms and arrangements in urban areas, Saskia aims to revive, and celebrate the neglected. Perhaps a ripped poster by your local bus stop, perceive this as a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Using impasto techniques for depth and texture, Saskia translates these shapes into abstract paintings, giving them status, and a platform for appreciation. Her work has been exhibited in multiple spaces across London, and is held in private collections globally.

Saskia Portman social media: https://www.instagram.com/slp.artwork/

Sophie Lloyd 

Sophie Lloyd is a London based artist (b.2001) working with sugar and lead to create sculptural stained-glass facades. Sophie has recently graduated from City and Guilds of London Art School with a BA in Fine Art.

Sophie’s practice is themed around overconsumption and the dynamic between the things we consume and the consumer. Over the past two years, she has been working with sugar as though it were a wild animal; attempting to tame it at times but also letting it act out. Often her sugar works resemble figures in various occupations and one-liner identities steeped in humour and anxiety-inducing predicaments. The mischievous pairing of sugar and lead sets the sinister backdrop of a discrete poison likened to the seductive consumer culture in which her characters live. The work is torn in grey-criticism; the tipping willingness of the consumer becomes a reactive product to consume whether it likes it or not. Sophie is represented by New Blood Gallery and first solo show will be held later this year (location to be confirmed) hosted by New Blood. Residencies: Sarabande Foundation 2023-24 Prizes: 2023 New Blood Emerging Art Prize 2023 Anthony Caro Sculpture Prize 2023 The Baton Art Prize 2022 The Beckwith Scholarship and Travel Award.

Sophie Lloyd social media:  @sophiejolloyd_]