Horizon Reverie: Beyond the (H)Edge

10-28  January 2024

Evening Opening: Friday 12 Jan 6-8pm. Please RSVP

Informal Artists Talk/Meet the Artists: Sunday 21 Jan at 2pm. All welcome!

Curator: Saskia Portman

Participating Artists: Harrison Cawley, Sophie Lloyd, Crystal Ma, Nina Parsons, Saskia Portman and Anna Tewungwa.

Horizon Reverie: Beyond the (H)Edge, is an open dialogue on tomorrow’s artistic landscape.

A group show by recent graduates of Goldsmiths & other London Art Schools.

Presenting an eclectic mix of media that transcends thematic conventions, from the timeless elegance of Crystal Ma’s traditional stained glass to Harrison Cawleys’s Excel spreadsheet-inspired painting. The juxtaposition of the work offers a possible commentary on the new theologic position gained by bureaucracy in the present.

The exhibition masterfully weaves together various artistic elements. Delicate yet humorous sugar and lead facades – testament of Sophie Lloyd’s craftsmanship and creative playfulness – harmoniously juxtapose with Nina Parsons’ flattened, bold and colourful composition of everyday domestic scenes, and invite the viewer to regain their childlike wondrous gaze and rediscover the world around them as if for the first time.

Anna Tewungwa’s exploration of drawing as the primordial mode of communication and expression, intertwines with Saskia Portman’s hard-edged paintings inspired by urban landscapes, forging a captivating dialogue. Tewungwa’s drawings offer a timeless meditation on renewal, through perpetual cycles of creation and erasure. Paired with Portman’s bold lines and organic abstraction, a powerful visual tapestry unfolds. This interplay invites viewers to engage in the enduring language of art that transcends stylistic and temporal confines.

Navigating the curated juxtapositions, the exhibition becomes a dynamic space where tradition converges with innovation, and chaos aligns with order. “Horizon Reverie” emerges not just as a showcase of individual expressions, but as a collective narrative, urging viewers to reflect on the evolving language of artistic expression. This immersive experience encapsulates the essence of a perpetual dialogue between the past, present, and future, echoing the timeless resonance of human creativity.