13 Mile Studio

Counterpoint: The texture resulting from the combining of individual melodic lines.

Wednesday 20 June – Saturday 30 June 2018

The 4 artists will all be in the gallery  from 12 – 5 pm on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June to talk about their work,  part of Richmond Arthouse Open Studios.

13 Mile Studio is a collective of four highly regarded contemporary artists, living and working within 13 miles of each other in South West London: Monette Larsen, Tracy Nicholls, Ros Perton and  Megan Rowden.

Through this exhibition Counterpoint, they aim to highlight the context and impact of materials in contemporary three-dimensional art.

As individual artists they are pursuing distinct pathways in which they are pushing materials and the traditional boundaries associated with them. Although meaning and context driven, 13 Mile Studio are also material-led artists, where skill and process is an important part of their work. Whilst their pathways and concerns are personal, the four artists aim to engage with a wider audience. 13 Mile Studio are seeking to create a dialogue with new viewers, promoting and educating, advancing the discourse surrounding the traditions of art and materials.