Lushness of Nature

Errika Pontevichi

15  March – 2 April 2023

Meet the Artist: Sat 25 March, 2.30pm. A chance to view the work, ask any questions and enjoy a glass of wine with the artist. No booking needed. 

Painter Errika Pontevichi shows a collection of new works on canvas, together with drawings which form a fundamental part of her research. 

“In my experience, I consider painting a way of living in harmony with the Nature in a flow of love. Rhythmic shapes emerge from the creative process. The layered surfaces of my work represent the layering of memories in timeless scenarios. I work intuitively allowing landscapes, still lives, trees, corners of gardens to talk to me and express themselves.”

These subjects are realized with manual energy in relation to perception and feelings. Some areas are vibrant with little brush strokes and others are overlaid by fields of simple colour. An inner light springs from the shapes and colours, creating geometrical compositions which beckon the viewer into a journey of enjoyment, surrounded by a flourish of colour.

Errika Pontevichi is an Italian artist based in London. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna Italy. As a child, Errika was inspired by the nature that surrounded her in the countryside where she lived. At the beginning of her artistic career, she approached this theme in quite a traditional manner. Renewed by working as an assistant in the studio of artist Giancarlo Bargoni for several years, she understood and learnt a different way to paint where the body was involved and emotions were expressed with loose brushstrokes. Her technique is the result of these experiences combined with her personal artistic research.

Since moving to London, Errika Pontevichi has been increasingly noticed by the art world. She is showcased at Hollywood Road Gallery by Catharine Miller. Errika is shortlisted for the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2022.