The Importance of Instinct

Party Ring Poetry Club

11-29  January 2023

Workshops: See below**

Curated by Party Ring Poetry Club (Tess James and Rosie Robson)

Participating Artists: Maya Dew, Olivia England, Andy Hurst, Tess James, Omalola Mau, Flo McCarthy, Rosie Robson

The Importance of Instinct focuses on the value of intuitiveness in art and making; space that questions the intellectual labour of art and highlights the essential mundane time of rest between making.

A group show by recent graduates of Kingston School of Art, London, run by Party Ring Poetry Club, a London based collective organisation that creates safe spaces to share vulnerable words and sounds, the work manifests as sculpture, installation, film and publications.


The artists will host a selection of workshops around their practice: 

Sat 21 Jan 12pm: ‘Serendipitous Films You Never Knew You Had’ with Lola Mau & Rosie Robson. BookHERE.

Sat 21 Jan 2:30pm: Clay workshop: What material means for you with Maya Dew. Book HERE.

Sun 22 Jan 12pmThe Incompleteness of Dreams’ with Olivia England. Book HERE.

Sat 28 Jan 12pm: Drawing the word, writing the line by Tess James & Flo McCarthy. Book HERE.

Sat 28 Jan 3pm:  the ‘infamous’ Party Ring Poetry evening; an open mic style event to share written work and sound. Book HERE.