A Group show

1 -19 Feb 2023

Artist’s Talk: Sat 11 Feb. 2.30pm. All welcome

Participating Artists: Sandra Beccarelli, Julie Brixey-Williams, Julie Derbyshire, Simon Klein,  Kate Proudman, Louise Severyn Kosinska, Hanna ten Doornkaat & Monica Wheeler.

Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life…..You have a soul in you of rare quality, an artist’s nature; never let it starve for lack of what it needs.”  Marcel Proust

During these times of squeezed existence, where harsh realities muscle in to occupy our lives, seeking out small pockets of time and space where creativity can flourish seems even more critical. A Patch of Sky – a quotation taken from Remembrance Of Things Past – refers to Proust’s belief that preserving mental and physical space for acts of creativity and blue-sky thinking is essential for the artist, but, just as importantly, enriching for society in general. Using a variety of media and gradations of scale to cherish the poetics of their shifting everyday landscape, this group comes together to expose qualities of process. These small acts are dovetailed to create reflective moments that make us stop and attend.