The Little House Project

Instructions from Kathryn Ross:

As part of the exhibition, I am making a piece of sculpture which needs people to participate in making a small paper house which will be a representation of themselves. Each house will become part of a sculpture street/town/city of similar shapes but none identical to each other.

The house is a good metaphor for each of us. Whilst the shape remains largely the same, representing the common attributes of a human being whilst the material, colour, texture may represent the individuality of each of and how we identify with the world around us.

What I need you to do:

Download the template provided: Click HERE.  If you have trouble with this please email me and I will send a PDF printable image to you.

Choose any light and thin material that you think might represent yourself the most.

Ask yourself some questions:

For example:

Do I consider myself to be a person who needs many other people around me to be happy if so, you are probably a terraced house if on the other hand you are someone who is very self-contained you may consider yourself to be represented by a detached house?

What are the most important things about you, your openness and transparency or your love of the written word or numbers could be anything but must really be special to you are you complex and mysterious

Then send me either:

Easy: just the piece of paper or material to make the house and I will make it

Medium: the house cut out and left flat for posting and I will put together

Hard: make the whole house and send it readymade.

Please make sure you include your name and country so I can add you to the contribution list.

Example Houses (see image below L to R):

1. represents an open and totally (literally transparent nature, nothing to hide house)

2. is a political newspaper article

3. is made from a squared tissue paper very fragile perhaps vulnerable but the squares surface may indicate a logical streak to this person’s nature.

4. is white and squared paper, the sort you use for mathematical work.

You are only limited by your own imagination so do a bit of soul searching and think about what the essence of you is.

Email your digital image to Kathryn Ross: or to ask for instructions about delivering your house.

a row of little paper houses