Stitched – Cut – Painted 

5 – 17 September 2018

A group show by  Annamarie Dzendrowskyj, Buffy Kimm, and Rachel Pearcey

Curated by Hanna Ten Doornkaat , Whitenoise Projects Curator

The emphasis of the show will be on haptic and embodied forms of engagement in the works of the three artists. The exhibition will present works that offer each artists’ unique interpretation and process in their works.

The works will be a reaction to the physical surroundings in general but also consider visual and tactile experiences. The emphasis of the show will be on haptic and embodied forms of engagement in the works. It will consider the dichotomies of flatness and depth, intimacy and distance and how they might begin to slide into one another within the architecture and the space around them.

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj presents fleeting moments of a world in constant flux, a reaction to physical surroundings, exploring visual experiences and engagement in process. She seeks to examine and paint the indeterminate nature of ‘ways of seeing’ , ‘ways of being’, and exploring the uncanny.

Annamarie has a BA Honours in Painting, National Art School, Sydney, Australia, BA (Hons) in Independent Studies in Philosophy, Lancaster University. Her work is held in Public and Private collections worldwide, and has been the recipient of prizes and awards including: Art Gemini Prize 2nd Place, Arte Laguna Prize, Special Prize, Artist in Residence, Serigraphy Fallani Venice, Arte Laguna Prize Finalist, Venice, Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Finalist, London.

Buffy Kimm

Buffy Kimm’s work is primarily based on paper, both cut and torn. She plays with light, shadow and layers to create depth in her pieces. Influenced by the abstract photographs that she takes, these are translated into new exciting paper sculptures. The medium of etching offers a new direction of experimentation, and Buffy is incorporating this skill into her paper pieces.

Rachel Pearcey

Rachel Pearcey’s work is about drawing and repetition, and stitching. She makes marks –small, sometimes tiny, rarely big, marks. She starts with a very simple theme and explores the ways it can be changed without straying from the ‘first principles’ of short straight marks, strokes, scratches. For some time now she has been working with stitch, by hand or machine, reworking previous pen and ink drawings. Using thread her works take on a very subtle and delicate 3D quality. And in spite of how slow the process is and how considered the placing of every stitch, each work moves and develops in its own way, takes on a life of its own.

Rachel Pearcey has an MA Drawing as Process, Kingston University, London, a BA Fine Art, University of Plymouth and City & Guilds Cabinet Making, Bristol. She lives and works in Kingston Upon Thames; in 2013 was awarded the Benton Purchase Prize, ING Discerning Eye.